About Equity

Equity is defined as the act of being just and fair, and that’s exactly what we aspire to continually provide, as our core values establish; to be equitable in all of our dealings.

In A Nutshell

Equity was formed in 2002 on the basic concept of the word “equity,” which is the act of being just and fair. This philosophy has created a pathway to success for our Agents and Brokers.

Equity is ranked in the Top 20 Largest Real Estate Brokerages in the nation and is the largest brokerage in the state of its origin, Utah. With real estate brokerage offices in multiple states nationwide, we are fast expanding our successful model across the country!

Equity also offers Property Management Services that provides a full range of benefits for Equity's clients. From rigorous screening to routine inspections, our property management services are extremely competitive.

Equity’s Core Values

Equity Value Blocks

Honesty & Integrity

At Equity we live up to the definition of our name. We strive to be just and fair in all of our dealings, to work honestly with those who have integrity and maintain similar values, and to share in our equitable offerings with all of our agents and brokers.

Action & Innovation

We don’t sit still. Especially when it comes to innovating new and helpful programs, systems, and resources for our team of real estate agents and brokers. This part of our values has allowed us to really become a leader in the Real Estate industry.

Stability & Longevity

We’ve been around since 2003 and we’re growing. Equity was the first of its kind and though there are many copycats, not one of them has managed to match our strengths and offering. Even through the hardships of the recent recession we’ve grown and prospered.

Are You a Real Estate Agent?

Equity offers an unbeatable amount of perks, resources, and tools to their agents. You owe it to yourself to at least investigate options.

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You're the hero of your own story here at Equity, and you have exceptional programs, like the uncontested best Profit Share Program in the industry, the best technology for free (such as this website and the mobile property search solution it provides), the Equity Gratitude Program, unparalleled training and broker support, and a genuine desire to see you reach your full potential.

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